November 05, 2014

At the moment

.. I'm preparing for my trip/move to Australia (only two more weeks)
.. I'm trying to see all of my friends once more before I leave
.. I'm spending way too much time watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and other shows
.. I'm contemplating which clothes to pack
.. I'm eating a lot of frozen yoghurt
.. I'm teaching my grandparents how to use an ipad and skype
.. I'm struggling with a nasty cold
.. I'm keeping busy with an exciting new project that you'll be hearing more about soon
.. I'm looking forward to better weather on the other side of the world
.. I'm feeling pretty happy

What are you up to?

October 07, 2014

Empties july/august/september 2014

Today I'm showing you everything I used up in the past couple of months. It's not everything since I forgot to save a couple of things instead of throwing them away but it's a pretty good presentation of things I use. It seems like I don't use a lot of shower gel but that's because I have a giant bottle of the body shop grapefruit in my shower. Also, it was really awkward throwing all of this in the trash at once. My mom thought I was turning into a weird hoarder. What do you use most each month?

Photo above: If you couldn't notice, I use a lot of rosewater. I always use it to clean my face in the mornings and evenings and/or as a toner and it works like a charm for me. It's cheap too! The secret deodorant is my absolute favorite. Too bad we don't have it in Belgium.

Photo above: Lots of shampoo! I wash my hair every other day so I use a lot of it. I don't use conditioner though, I feel like it makes my hair more greasy. My favorite was the one from The Body Shop and Ultra Doux grapefruit one.

Photo below: Toothpaste, dry shampoo (which I loved), deodorant and cleaning wipes. I'm a bit addicted to these wet wipes, they're perfect for a lazy person like me.

October 04, 2014

Read & Watched 2014: part 3

The third installment of read & watched already. I have to admit, my first post was maybe a bit too optimistic but it does push me to read a little more which I can only be happy about. I'm always happy when I have something to put on my list too, haha. Again, send your recommendations my way! (Bold = favorites)

- A Dance With Dragons
- The Magicians
- Vampire Academy
- Frostbite
- Shadow Kiss
- Blood Promise
- Spirit Bound
- Last Sacrifice
- The Walking Dead 6: This Sorrowful Life
- City of Lost Souls
- City of Heavenly Fire
- the Maze Runner

I finished the A Song of Ice and Fire series and I'm looking forward to the next book! The Magicians I enjoyed a lot in the beginning but I ended up not liking it that much. I don't think I'll read the prequel. I read the Vampire Academy series, it was enjoyable but not something I would recommend. The Walking Dead is a comic but I think it still counts. I reread the City of Lost Souls since the last part of the series came out. I actually really enjoyed City of Heavenly Fire. I'm thinking there's going to be another book though and I actually wouldn't mind it! I started the Mazerunner series and although I liked it, it took me a while to finish it. The book didn't exactly captivate me.

- Bro's before Ho's
- Fired Up
- That Awkward Moment
- The Heat

- Love and Honor
- X-Men
- Drillbit Taylor
- Hall Pass

- Vampire Academy
- The Other Woman
- Drinking Buddies
- Bad neighbours

- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
- Don Jon
- Johnny English Reborn
- The Five Year Engagement

37/50 books: As I said, I might have been a little too optimistic but I'm already happy with the amount I read this year!
41/52 movies: I'll make this happen!

September 28, 2014

Birthday wishlist

It's my birthday tomorrow! I have to say, it's the first year I'm not really looking forward to it. I still have to get used to 18 and I'm already turning 21! As usual, I'm making a wishlist. It's a little late but that doesn't matter, it's not actually want I want to get (that would be excessive), just everything on my wishlist at the moment. What's on yours?

1. AM - Arctic Monkeys vinyl. I recently bought a Crosley Cruiser and I'd like to collect some of my favorite albums on vinyl.
2. Timberland sandals, these look so comfortable and decent enough to walk a couple of miles with.
3. An iPhone 5s gold because my 4s is at it's end.

4. I really want a gopro for action and underwater shots.
5. And if you get a gopro, you need a selfiestick.
6. Some nice work out shorts, preferably by Nike. (I already treated myself to these.)

7. This gorgeous coffee table.
8. I'm looking for an easy carryon bag and I love the Freitag bags.
9. Frends headphones. These look spectacular.

September 14, 2014

My Life in Pictures #10

I'm here with the second part of my catch-up. I have a couple of posts planned for the coming week as well. I finally feel like I'm comfortable again. Life is looking good at the moment!

(PS: does someone know where you can see the date you took a picture on instagram?)

Another view from my trip to Spain at the start of August. I don't know why but I didn't expect the area to be so beautiful. - The hotel had a litter of 5 almost-grown kitties running around and they were the cutest.

Someone from my diving club has a house there and this is his view, breathtaking. - My cats like climbing in the dryer when it's done.

The views I enjoy most are those with water nearby. - I had some fun with Oldbooth.

I treated myself to a vinyl player and my first vinyl (Arctic Monkeys). - I made mini donuts, don't they look gorgeous? (They were, too.)

I could probably ask a lot of money for my drawings. - First rainbow I've seen in a while.

My Disneyland essentials! Okay, I didn't really bring a vinylmation but it looked good for the picture. - One of my favorite pictures, like, ever.

Fun photo-opp in the studios park. - I'm trying to learn how to skate. With lots of bruises!

He can be really sweet when he wants to. - I felt like editing this picture. Kind of liked it with those rocks.

And I bought my own skateboard too! - Australia is coming near, only two more months!