January 09, 2015

Read & Watched 2014: part 4

As always, time goes so fast! The last two months were mainly spent in Australia so I haven't had that much time to catch up but (spoiler) I did make at least one of my goals. Also, as you might notice, I spent a couple of weeks looking after a 6 and 8 year old. Not that I can't enjoy Barbie otherwise... Again, send some recommendations my way! (Bold = favorite)

- Shopaholic to the Stars
- the Scorch Trials
- the Death Cure
- Diary of a Whimpy Kid
- Dragonkeeper
- Geisha: a life
- Nick and Norah's Infinite playlist
- the Rosie Project

- the Fault in Our Stars
- Step Up Revolution
- Wolverine
- the Maze Runner
- Now is Good
- Maleficent
- Guardians of the Galaxy
- Mockingjay
- A Million Ways to Die in the West

- Boyhood
- 22 Jump Street
- 17 filles
- Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2
- Tinkerbell
- Let's Be Cops
- Monsters University
- Australia
- Movie 43
- Bridesmaids
- Cowboys and Aliens

45/50 books: Not bad, not bad at all! I can't believe I read so much this year but I absolutely love it. I'm trying this one again in 2015!
61/52 movies: I more than made this goal! I think it's mainly because I spent so much time on plains and busses the last months, Australia is so huge after all.

I'm really happy with the amount of books I've read and movies I've seen this year. On to the same goals in 2015!

January 04, 2015

My life in pictures #12

Happy New Year!! I hope you had fun. The first Australian MLIP is finally here. I've been loving (almost) every second of being here and especially the weather! Take a look at what I've been up to (more recent pictures will appear soon).

23/11: My first few days were spent in Sydney and ofcourse you have to see the famous landmarks while you're there. I loved seeing the Opera House in real life. - 24/11: There are a lot of art installations in Sydney and Forgotten Songs is one of my favorites so far.

28/11: After Sydney, I went on a ranch course with Outbackpackers. We went on a horse ride and had tea in the middle of the outback. - 29/11: Just a part of the shed, skulls & bones are nothing special over there.

29/11: Then I went back to Sydney for the night (after a week) and went on the Sydney Tower. - 30/11: Some more relocations: I flew to Mackay.

1/12: Then, took the bus to Clermont for my first job (through Moranbah). - 3/12: You see a ton of insects and other critters in Australia.

3/12: And I managed to take a selfie with a kangaroo! - 4/12: I'm working on a farm right now and the surroundings are crazy, everyday again.

5/12: This was before I had to help with some mustering. You actually have to wear a hat for the sun all of the time. So it wasn't just a prop ;) - 8/12: I kissed a frog but it didn't turn into a prince!

9/12: It's not work all of the time! I was watching some sweet kids most of the time and this includes taking them 'swimming'. - 10/12: Another little critter.

15/12: Mustering! One of the coolest things I've done so far. - 19/12: A little piece of a little town called Clermont.

January 03, 2015

New page: bucketlist

I finally, finally finished this longcoming page: my bucketlist. This is just a quick heads-up to inform you it's here so take a look!

What do you think I could/should add?

December 03, 2014

You know you're in the Australian outback when...

... the nearest town is 2 hours away

... you start calling a cowboy hat a wide-brim hat

... you're on the toilet and a gecko comes crawling through your legs

... you have to add half an hour to your travelling time because you'll have to slow down for kangaroos and cows obstructing the road

... you are no longer surprised or excited when you see a kangaroo

... you look like a cooked chicken with that ridiculous tan

... you overcome your fear of spiders in about two days

... your biggest worry is how to get those goats back in their pen

... you can ride at least five different vehicles

... you're drinking milk that came out of a cow the same morning

... you get huge scratches on your ass from falling out of trees (although that might just be me)

... going on a horse ride and then stopping in the middle of nowhere for some tea is no big deal

November 23, 2014

My Life in Pictures #11

Another round of MLIP! These are some older pictures already (I'm currently in the sunny Australia) but I still want to share them.

23/09: I'm always trying to make pad thai either with chicken or shrimp), my favorite Thai dish. This is the closest I've come so far.- 25/09: Car selfie.

27/09: I like to add old stamps when I send a letter or postcard.- 01/10: It was my birthday in September and my father surprised me with this awesome buffet. My family came over and it was really fun.

03/10: I said goodbye to my sweet baby. I had this iphone 4 for 2 years and it served me well, It actually still worked but it was losing it's power. It survived two broken toilets and being flushed down the toilet once, - 05/10: This was an outfit in October, surprising Belgian weather (it's usually so cold by then.)

05/10: My uncle gave me this coke for my birthday, loved it! - 10/10: Flashback to the previous autumn.

14/10: This guy is a demolisher. - 16/10: Bought my fourth pair of black all stars already.

18/10: Tired but happy selfie. - 28/10: Little sausage.

31/10: Halloween! I actually just wore a skull dress but decided to add some freaky (and cliche) make-up. - 05/10: Black cat (would have fit the halloween theme well ofcourse.)

7/11: Good morning selfie! - 11/11: I decided to soak up as much fall as I could in my last week in Belgium and it didn't disappoint,

12/11: See the above.