September 28, 2014

Birthday wishlist

It's my birthday tomorrow! I have to say, it's the first year I'm not really looking forward to it. I still have to get used to 18 and I'm already turning 21! As usual, I'm making a wishlist. It's a little late but that doesn't matter, it's not actually want I want to get (that would be excessive), just everything on my wishlist at the moment. What's on yours?

1. AM - Arctic Monkeys vinyl. I recently bought a Crosley Cruiser and I'd like to collect some of my favorite albums on vinyl.
2. Timberland sandals, these look so comfortable and decent enough to walk a couple of miles with.
3. An iPhone 5s gold because my 4s is at it's end.

4. I really want a gopro for action and underwater shots.
5. And if you get a gopro, you need a selfiestick.
6. Some nice work out shorts, preferably by Nike. (I already treated myself to these.)

7. This gorgeous coffee table.
8. I'm looking for an easy carryon bag and I love the Freitag bags.
9. Frends headphones. These look spectacular.

September 14, 2014

My Life in Pictures #10

I'm here with the second part of my catch-up. I have a couple of posts planned for the coming week as well. I finally feel like I'm comfortable again. Life is looking good at the moment!

(PS: does someone know where you can see the date you took a picture on instagram?)

Another view from my trip to Spain at the start of August. I don't know why but I didn't expect the area to be so beautiful. - The hotel had a litter of 5 almost-grown kitties running around and they were the cutest.

Someone from my diving club has a house there and this is his view, breathtaking. - My cats like climbing in the dryer when it's done.

The views I enjoy most are those with water nearby. - I had some fun with Oldbooth.

I treated myself to a vinyl player and my first vinyl (Arctic Monkeys). - I made mini donuts, don't they look gorgeous? (They were, too.)

I could probably ask a lot of money for my drawings. - First rainbow I've seen in a while.

My Disneyland essentials! Okay, I didn't really bring a vinylmation but it looked good for the picture. - One of my favorite pictures, like, ever.

Fun photo-opp in the studios park. - I'm trying to learn how to skate. With lots of bruises!

He can be really sweet when he wants to. - I felt like editing this picture. Kind of liked it with those rocks.

And I bought my own skateboard too! - Australia is coming near, only two more months!

September 07, 2014

My life in pictures #9

Wow guys, it has been so long since I made a MLIP. I'm hopelessly behind so I'm going to split it because I still want it 'saved' here on my blog. This will be 'till the end of july and the post that will be up in a couple of days will be august and september. By the way, you can follow me on instagram here.

17.06 I pretended I found a fourleaf clover. It's actually a plant that always had four leafs. But can you really tell the difference? | 20.06 I made some treats for my diving buddies. Chocolate covered strawberries, watermelon, fruit sates and sangria.

21.06 This was a picture I took with room for thought (awesome app) and I kind of likes it. | 24.06 Captured while geocaching.

28.06 I was on a dirty patch of land and the only thing there was this beautiful sunflower, ripped off. Such vibrant colours! | 29.06 I went to graspop again. Definitely my favorite festival so far.

06.07 June and july were the months of supporting our Red Devils. I've never been into football but it's kind of fun if you can watch it with some friends. | 14.07 My dad's favorite dish: Belgian mussels.

17.07 I sold my dslr and bought this pretty baby. I never took my camera anywhere because it's so big but that's not a problem anymore. | 17.07 Outfit of the day, I went for a slight 90's vibe.

20.07 I took a superspontaneous trip to Dour.  | 26.07 I always feel so fancy with some curls and some jewels.

30.07 I always buy snapple if I see/visit an America Today store. | 01.08 I went to Malaga, Spain for a couple of days and our hotel had the most awesome location ever. On top of a hill with a 360° view.

August 29, 2014

28.08: a day in Disneyland Paris

Around Christmas, I got my hands on a couple of Disneyland tickets. This was the last week I could use them so ofcourse I had to go. A friend and I left wednesday evening, we stayed in a hotel/motel so we had only a 15 minutes ride to go yesterday morning to the wonderful world of Disney. I forgot to take pictures most of the time but I do have a couple I wanted to share.

We started in the Studios park since there aren't so much rides we wanted to do there. We started our morning with the Tower of Terror, which sure woke us up.

We got fast passes for the Rock 'n Roller coaster and went to eat something (too bad the food in Disneyland is so expensive). We wanted to do the new Ratatouille ride too but the line was insane. At 11 in the morning you couldn't get a fastpass anymore (they were 'sold out') and the line was more than two hours so we decided to skip it.

After a little bit of shopping, we made our way to the Disneyland park. I had to take a picture with the Sleeping Beauty castle ofcourse. And yes, I totally had to buy Minnie-ears.

I didn't make a lot of pictures besides this but we started on the Space Mountain, which is one of my alltime favorites. We also did Indiana Jones and Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. The latter was the first time I did this and it's pretty awesome.

One of my favorite attraction is Peter Pan's flight. When we got to the park we wanted to take fastpasses but they were gone already and the line was 90 minutes. We decided to focus on something else since I had seen it before. When we were walking, a couple walked up to us and asked if we wanted some fastpasses because they were leaving the park. We took and thanked them and we looked and it were freaking Peter Pan passes! I was so happy haha. We ended our day with the Pirates ride and started our trip home.

This is what I bought. I love vinylmations and I had a fun time picking them out. The coin is something I didn't know existed, you can just get it from a machine for €2 and I really like it. And the Minnie ears are definitely going to get used in the future!

(PS: sorry for the iphonepictures and my dirty nails)

August 12, 2014

New in: Eindhoven #2

I already showed you what I got in Primark Eindhoven here, but I also shopped in some other stores. And yes, I totally used my cat as a display. He liked it.

I had been lusting over a new pair of nikes for a while and even though I really wanted the awesome glittery silver airmaxes, I couldn't find them anywhere in my size. So I picked these. They go with everything and I love the model (Air Max Thea).

The first top is from America Today and I've worn it way too much already! - My mom got me this top from Vila in the sale.

I needed a couple of shoes to work out inside since I didn't want to use my running shoes and I spotted this pair at Sacha for €20.

This sweater is from America Today as well, just comfy. - Simple top from Cheap Monday that was on sale.

Two easy dresses from H&M, I think they were both around €10. - It doesn't really show on picture but these are awesome khaki pants from America Today. I got them at 70% off which is really awesome!

The last thing I got was this little necklace from Sacha which has instantly become my favorite.