March 21, 2015

My life in pictures #14

More pictures from the awesome Australia coming up! I took an awesome roadtrip, including the Great Ocean Road and have loads of pretty pictures. What have you been up to lately?

You have a few lunaparks throughout Australia, this is the entrance of the one in St. Kilda near Melbourne. | Melbourne skyline

I went on the Eureka skydeck in Melbourne which gives you this amazing view. | And more of Melbourne.

I took the most amazing roadtrip along the Great Ocean Road and this is one of the views along the way at Port Campbell. | This is the Split lighthouse which some of you may know from the series Around the Twist!

Someone forgot an iphone somewhere... | Pandas for the Chinese New Year! These were really big by the way, the biggest one taller than me.

A view from Philip Island, with the ocean visible on the horizon. | I tried to kiss a kangaroo, he wasn't keen.

Murrays lookout. | And ofcourse, the most famous view from the Great Ocean Road: the Twelve Apostles.

I saw a very pretty sunrise from this pier. | Sometimes you need a breakfast like this.

After Melbourne, I continued on to Canberra. It's the capital of Australia but there's not really much to see except the National War Memorial. | A wall of poppies in said memorial.

Sometimes you just want to spend the day on the beach. | Did you know the emu is one of the two national animals in Australia? (As in, it's on the weaponshield, together with a kangaroo.)

And then I ended up back in Sydney. The opera house was worth a second visit. | I visited the Taronga Zoo and this guy was posing all day long.

When you take the ferry to Manly (or the zoo, or Bondi), you get to enjoy this view. | These guys are literally everywhere.

My only selfie this time around! I was really tired but so so happy to be seeing all of these wonderful things. | In Belgium, I always kinda hated seagulls because they were so noisy and going around in such big groups. But I'm kind of starting to like them here.

March 14, 2015

Initial packing list for 6 months abroad

Obviously, packing is a huge part of preparing for your travels. I looked at a lot of packing lists before I left so I thought it would be useful to share mine as well. This is everything I thought I needed before leaving for 6 months. In the mean time I've been travelling for about 4 months and the contents of my backpack have changed completely so I'll do an update soon, but this is what I left Belgium with.


These are are all of the clothes I took with me. Not pictured are the clothes I was wearing: jeans, a shirt and a sweater.

- 5 tanktops
- 3 normal shirts
- 2 shirts with 3/4 sleeves

- 2 long pants
- 1 cardigan
- 1 dress
- 2 shorts

- 3 bras
- 1 sportsbra
- 7 pairs of underwear
- 3 pairs of socks
- 1 pair of running shorts
- 1 pajama top and 1 pajama bottoms

- 1 bikini
- 1 tangle teezer
- 1 plastic bag

- 1 canvas bag
- 1 pair of slippers
- 1 pair of sandals
- 1 pair of all stars (worn on my travel days)


I bought a really useful toiletry bag from Eagle Creek and below you can see what's in it.

Pink little bag:
- medicine; painkillers, something for stomach aches, something for allergies
- hair ties
- monthly contacts
- daily contacts
- cotton pads
- female hygiene stuf

- sunscreen and aftersun
- extra pair of glasses
- headlight
- insect repellent
- toothpaste
- solid shampoo
- deodorant
- nail file, scissors, tweezers


Everything you've seen so far fits in my main backpack, these are the last bits and pieces that I put in there.

- rope; this was kind of a joke, I probably won't ever use it but a friend gave it to me as part of a 'survival kit' so I'm just bringing it with me anyway
- ziplock bags
- the survival kit as said above
- belt
- sleeping bag liner
- quickdry towel

I took a smaller backpack with me as well that contains my electronics and that I can use as a daypack. Inside I organized everything in different bags.

- mini laptop/tablet
- pink bag with all of my chargers and hard drive
- brown bag with my camera
- black bag with a few make-up items, extra medicine, lipbalm and a whistle
- clear bag for liquids; perfume, hand sanitizer, toner, sunscreen, moisturizer, toothpaste

- water bottle
- pencil case
- sunglasses
- earplugs
- usb stick (the little doggie)
- universal charger
- toothbrush
- diving logbook

And finally, my purse. It's small but really sturdy and the perfect size to take out everyday. It's small enough to fit in my daypack as well if I don't want to carry it.

- little book to use as a travel journal
- kindle
- wallet (I changed this one to another wallet before I left)
- passport and international driving license

Are you still with me after all of this? I already know what I did wrong while packing because I've been on the road for a while now but as I said, I'll let you know soon. Do you think you could go six months with this amount of stuff?

March 07, 2015

LOTM: Series galore

I've shared all of the series I watch or have watched before but obviously, that list has changed in the past years. Today I'm sharing all of the series I've seen and which ones are my favorites. It's a long list so instead of elaborating on each one, I've made up a bunch of categories! Also, these screenshots are from the app Teevee. No, they're not sponsoring me, I'm just absolutely obsessed with it. Best app I've come across to track your series.

My all time favorites:
- vikings
- game of thrones
- the walking dead
- big bang theory
- new girl
- modern family
- suits

February 27, 2015

Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

When I was in Cairns, I finally made it happen: I went diving in the Great Barrier Reef. It has been on my bucketlist since I started diving more than a year ago and I'm so happy I got to experience it. Before the GBR, I dived in Belgium and the Netherlands and once in Spain. Spain was a colorful reef sure, but you honestly can't compare the two. Ofcourse, I don't have that much experience yet so I can't say that much about it but I can tell you about my underwateradventure.

February 20, 2015

My life in pictures #13

Yes, I am still alive! I survived 3 months in Australia already without getting stung, bit or eaten. (Well, if you don't count mosquitos.) I think that's quite an accomplishment! Keep reading if you would like to know what I've been up to for the last 2 months. By the way, you can follow me on instagram here.

20/12: Just a selfie, to praise the fabulous weather in Mackay and my new playsuit and necklace. 22/12: I got myself a cheap car (which I got rid of again two weeks later), it was quite the experience driving on the left side of the road.

22/12: I drove the car from Mackay to Airlie Beach where I stayed in an awesome hostel called Backpackers by the bay. These fellas visited every day. 24/12: Beautiful view, right next to the lagoon in Airlie Beach.