August 12, 2014

New in: Eindhoven #2

I already showed you what I got in Primark Eindhoven here, but I also shopped in some other stores. And yes, I totally used my cat as a display. He liked it.

I had been lusting over a new pair of nikes for a while and even though I really wanted the awesome glittery silver airmaxes, I couldn't find them anywhere in my size. So I picked these. They go with everything and I love the model (Air Max Thea).

The first top is from America Today and I've worn it way too much already! - My mom got me this top from Vila in the sale.

I needed a couple of shoes to work out inside since I didn't want to use my running shoes and I spotted this pair at Sacha for €20.

This sweater is from America Today as well, just comfy. - Simple top from Cheap Monday that was on sale.

Two easy dresses from H&M, I think they were both around €10. - It doesn't really show on picture but these are awesome khaki pants from America Today. I got them at 70% off which is really awesome!

The last thing I got was this little necklace from Sacha which has instantly become my favorite.

August 07, 2014

Read & watched: 2014 part 2

I'm here with another update on everything I've read and watched so far. It's not as much as last time but I'm still going. Everything is in chronological order this time and the bold ones are my favorites. Feel free to send recommendations my way!

- Brisingr
- Inheritance
- Happy Life
- A Game of Thrones
- A Clash of Kings
- A Storm of Swords
- A Feast for Crows

I finished the eragon series which I really loved. I didn't like the ending that much so I hope there will still follow another book. I also (finally) started the A Song of Ice and Fire series. I've been a huge fan of the series from the first episode so I had to give it a go. It's kind of difficult to get into in the beginning because of the different narrators but you get used to it. It still sucks when you see the name of one of your least favorite characters at the beginning of a new chapter though haha. My favorites (at this moment) are Arya (obviously), Jon and Sansa, while I didn't really like Sansa in the beginning! Least favorite is Brienne. I also read Happy Life from my favorite blogger Mascha Feoktistova. I expected more to be honest. It was a fun read, but I wouldn't recommend it.

- No Reservations: Didn't even remember this one, had to look it up. Typical chickflick.
- Eragon: I thought this was a good movie before I read the books. Now I absolutely hate it!
- Divergent: I didn't love the casting but it's still a pretty good adaptation.
- Mirror Mirror: Not special.

- Inglorious Basterds: Already seen a couple of times, awesome movie.
- Thor: the dark world: Fell asleep.
- Lovelace: I didn't know what to expect but this was a really good movie!
- Jobs: Another biography and I loved it. I know lots op people hated Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs but I think he did an awesome job (pun not intended).

- X-Men: Days of Future Past: You either love this movie or hate it. I loved it!
- Don't be a menace: One of the worst movies I've ever seen. I didn't add a picture on purpose. Seriously though, do not watch this movie!
- the Dreamers: Really weird but really liked it. Remember when I said I loved Eva Green? Jep.
- the Other Boleyn Girl: I saw this in London years ago so I felt a little nostalgic watching this one. Not extravagantly good but a nice movie anyway.
- the Blind Side: This was the movie that finally made me love Sandra Bullock. Definitely recommend this one!

25/50 books: I'm on schedule right now, but I'm not sure I'll get there in the end, the game of thrones books are slowing it down.
25/52 movies: Right on schedule again, what a coincidence! I'm more confident about this goal than the one above.

(I already wrote this post in week 25, I'll update again in a couple of weeks.)

July 28, 2014

New in: Primark Eindhoven

I went on a shoppingtrip to Eindhoven again this week, mainly to visit Primark. My mother spoiled me a bit and got me all of this. I also bought some things in other shops myself but that's coming next week. I especially needed some summer clothes but I guess I didn't really succeed in that goal haha. I don't know the prices but nothing was over €15!

Have you seen more awesome pajamas, ever? - I NEEDED this Hogwarts shirt.

I'm going to a wedding this weekend and this will be my purse and shoes. I don't like heels but wanted something a bit classy so I think this is a good alternative.

This blouse is the perfect autumn color. It's a little more rust colored in real life and I love it. - Kind of a novelty hipster shirt but I still liked it.

I've seen this bag on previous trips to Primark as well but never bought it. I couldn't resist it anymore! - This bracelet was €4 and I loved it so I bought it in two colors (see below).

This is a very lightweight sweater but the stones make it really pretty. 

Tiny case for your phone and money. - The bracelet from above in silver.

I also got two pair of black pants, I rebuy these every time I go to Primark, they're only €13 and my absolute favorites! What do you think about Primark? Love it or hate it?

July 21, 2014

Exciting plans: Australia

I have something incredibly exciting to tell you: I'm moving to Australia for half a year! I'm leaving in November and my return ticket is planned in May. I can change it up to two times though, if I want to leave earlier or stay longer. I'm really really stoked about this and I couldn't wait to share it here, but I had to make sure everyone that had to know, did know. For example, the people at my job. They were all very excited for me. My family is a little anxious but I've promised them all I'd learn them how to skype ;)

I don't have very concrete plans yet. I'm flying to Sydney on November 19th and I'm staying in a hostel for one week. Then I'm going to start working on a ranch and that's pretty much everything I know so far. My goal is to see as much of Australia (and maybe even New Zealand) as I can, but it's a freakishly big country, especially coming from Belgium! I'm going to combine travelling and working and I'm a little nervous for everything to work out, but I'm sure it will! Have you ever been there? Or do you maybe live there? Let me know!

June 21, 2014

My life in pictures #8

It has obviously been a while since my last MLIP so there are more pictures than usual. But, I didn't instagram that much either so it's quite in balance. What did you do this weekend by the way?

15.05: I went shopping and couldn't find anything, the only thing I bought was this t-shirt that came with the Vogue. | 16.05: I'm always really relaxed after a dive.

17.05: We've had some gorgeous summerdays. This was one of them. I jumped in five minutes after this picture. | 18.05: I didn't eat too healthy this Sunday..

20.05: At grandma's. | 23.05: I went running, 3km is the most I can do haha.

25.05: I made this flowercrown, isn't it awesome? It took me a long time though! | 30.05: I think sunset is my favorite time of day.

06.06: My favorite picture from the last couple of weeks. Awesome summerday. | 10.06: I'm totally into snapchat and bandana's lately. And no, I know no shame.

13.06: I'm becoming the girl that buys too much bathing suits for diving practice haha! | 14.06: I started postcrossing again. Too bad stamps are not cheap!